The Visit Ghana App


The Visit Ghana App results from Destination Single Window Project aimed at creating a harmonized platform for Tourism services. The project is in 3 modules, each aimed at addressing identified needs in the industry.

The Destination Single Window Project project is categorized into 3 modules, each aimed at addressing identified needs in the industry.
– Module 1 focuses on enhancing the tourism levy collection process to raise needed funding for destination marketing, capacity building and infrastructural projects.
– Module 2 aims at automating GTA  processes and providing a seamless interface with relevant stakeholders
– Module 3 targets the promotion of Ghana as an attractive tourism destination.


For Service Providers such as Hoteliers, Restauranteurs, Tourism Sites or Attraction Operators, Travel and Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Car Rentals, Chop Bars etc. the platform affords them the opportunity to create micro-websites which they can use to self-manage the promotion and marketing of their products and services. The Visit Ghana App also offers a secure payment platform to enable operators and the public to engage in payments over secure channels which goes straight into the bank and or mobile money accounts of operators.
The APP, “Visit Ghana” can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for IOS devices. Several service providers have already signed up to the portal and are advertising their services.


Since its launch, the App has been downloaded by over three thousand users.

The Results

Service provision to industry stakeholders has been enhanced.