Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary


As part of national efforts to upgrade and enhance visitor experience and comfort at our tourism sites, a visitor centre, a new washroom facility, car park, lawns and rest points have been commissioned as part of the phase-lift.

This is part of a renewed focus on developing the domestic market potential through product improvement and aggressive market promotion.


The site is one of the culturally and ecologically sensitive sites which lacked the needed facilities to receive visitors.


The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village project include the following facilities;

  • A new Tourist Receptive Facility
  • A modern 7-Seater Washroom (Toilet)
  • Three (3) Visitor Rest Pavilions
  • Wire Mesh and Bamboo fencing of the perimeter and,
  • Paved grounds, Car Park, as well as, painting of existing structures.


The Results

Visitors to the site will have facilities for their convenience while they enjoy nature.