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Article 21 (1) (f) of the 1992 Constitution says “All persons shall have the right to information subject to such qualifications and laws as are necessary in a democratic society”. Furtherance to this, the Parliament passed the Right to Information ACT, 2019 (Act 989) which His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo assented to on 21st May, 2019.

With the aim of promoting the culture of transparency and accountability in public institutions, the RTI ACT 989 was enacted. The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has in compliance with this law established the Right to Information desk within the Corporate Affairs Department with a Right to Information Officer from the Ministry of Information to facilitate access to information per the RTI ACT Section 3 (3) (b).

How To Apply

An application to access information from the Ghana Tourism Authority under the Right To Information Act shall:

(a) Be made in writing to the GTA.
(b) Contain sufficient description or particulars to make identification easier.
(c) Indicate the form and manner of access required.
(d) If the application is made on behalf of another person, state the name of the person to whom the application is made for.
(e) State the name of the applicant, an address to which communication or notice can be sent.
(f) Provide identification (ID) of the applicant; and
(g) Be signed by the applicant.

(2) Where an applicant is unable to make the application in writing due to illiteracy or a disability, the applicant may make the request orally.

(3) Where a request is made orally under sub-section (2), the request shall be reduced into writing by the information officer to whom the applicant is made and shall give a copy of the written request as recorded and as duly authenticated to the applicant.

(4) Where the applicant is illiterate, and the request has been reduced into writing, the information officer shall:
(a) Clearly and correctly read and explain the written request to the understanding of the applicant in accordance with the Illiterates` Protection Act,1912 (Cap 262).
(b) Ask a witness to endorse on the face of the request that “the request was read to the applicant in the language the applicant understands and the applicant appeared to have understood the content of the request; and
(c) Ask the applicant to make a thumbprint or mark on the request.

(5) Where an application does not sufficiently describe the information required, the GTA shall inform the applicant and offer the applicant the necessary assistance to identify the information.

(6) Where a public institution receives an application for access, part of which is exempt, the information officer shall disclose to the applicant as much of the information as can reasonably be separated without disclosing the exempt part.

Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) encourages all persons seeking information to submit the application in person to the Receptionist at the Head Office or complete this form with a copy of their valid ID cards. Click here to download the application form  and forward the completed form to rti.gta.gh@gmail.com.

Exempt Information

  1. Information for the President and Vice President.
  2. Information Relating to Cabinet.
  3. Information Relating to Law Enforcement and Public Safety.
  4. Information Affecting International Relations.
  5. Information that affects the security of the state.
  6. Economic and any other interests.
  7. Economic Information of Third Parties.
  8. Information Relating to Tax.
  9. Internal Working Information of Public Institutions.
  10. Parliament Privilege, fair trial, contempt of court.
  11. Privileged Information.
  12. Disclosure of Personal Matters.
  13. Disclosure for the protection of public interest.


Information Manual
To inform/assist the public on the types of information and classes of information available at GTA, including the location and contact details of its Information Officers and units.
Information Manual
Download Information Manual
RTI Request Form

Click here or the image to download the request for information form.

Information request Form
Information Request Form

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