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Research is the backbone of our work.

Every day the world is changing with several industry disrupters. Our research teams are constantly monitoring trends and conducting research into trends to inform policy and planning.

Our Product Development team is constantly engaging the industry to develop new products while enhancing existing ones.

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GTA partners with VISA to promote digital payments at tourist sites and events in Ghana

Blog News Visa Artwork

Accra, March 8, 2023 Ghana Tourism Authority (G...

Ghana holds citizenship ceremony for Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors

Blog News Tulsa Massacre 1

March 1, 2023.Washinton DC - 108- year-old Viola Fletcher...

The provide timely industry data to guide policy

Kawme GTA

Kawme GTA

CEO / Director - Research World

Research in sync with industry trends

Kofi GTA

Kofi GTA


They are constantly enhancing and bringing up new products.

Ama Test

Ama Test

Group CEO - Digital