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AKWAABA, It's an expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Ghana, one that will ring in your ears at night, and bring a smile to your face for weeks after you leave. Welcome to a haven that combines the charms of a tropical beach idyll with a fascinating historical heritage, rich cultural variety, and some interesting wildlife in the national parks...



The Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourism Authority have intensified sensitisation on the 1% Tourism Development Levy which becomes operational in October 2012


Featured Attractions

Cape Coast Castle
The strategic location of Cape Coast having a sheltered beach in proximity to Elmina Castle made it a great attraction to the European nations.
Coconut Grove Beach Resort
Set in the historic town of Elmina and right on the Atlantic Beach of Mmofra Akyinim, all in the Central Region of Ghana, Coconut Grove Beach Resort continues to be the right choice for both the local and international traveller. . ....

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Featured Event
African Choral Festival
Introduced in 2012 by the Ghana Tourism Authority, the African Choral Festival puts Ghana on the world choral circuit and also help celebrate our culture.
Featured Event
Music of Ghanaian Origin
This concert has amassed a loyal following of international and predominantly Ghanaian fans from all walks of life including corporate ...


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  Other Key Attractions
Cape Coast Castle
Nkrumah Mausoleum
National Museum
Accra Cultural Centre
Manhyia Palace
Dubois Centre
Central Region
Boti Falls
Kakum National Park
Busia Beach Resort
Oxford Street
Central Region
Lake Bosomtwe
Mole National Park
Aburi Gardens
Butterfly Sanctuary
Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary
Paga Crocodile Pond

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