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Xcinex Corporation Of Usa And Ghana Tourism Authority Partner To Expand Global Reach For Ghanaian Artists And Content Creators To Boost Ghana’S Tourism And Creative Economy

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Accra, Ghana 5th December 2023 – In a landmark agreement, XCINEX Corporation, a San Francisco based tech company pioneering the world’s first pay-per-viewer streaming marketplace, and the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) have announced a strategic collaboration. This partnership is set to revolutionize the way Ghanaian artists and content owners/creators connect with audiences worldwide, leveraging XCINEX’s innovative new VENUEmobile platform, now available on the App Store and on Google Play.

The VENUEmobile platform offers a unique and dynamic experience for content creators and artists from Ghana to stream their local filmed and live contents to Ghanaians in the diaspora and their global audience on a pay-per-viewer basis guaranteeing one ticket per-viewer whilst preventing fans from casting the streaming content to any screen or recording it. What is more, content creators and artists from Ghana are not required to make any upfront payment to stream on the platform.

This collaboration opens a new chapter for Ghana’s tourism and creative sector. By providing artists in Ghana access to VENUEmobile, XCINEX and GTA are facilitating a global stage for local talents. This unprecedented access empowers Ghanaian artists to broadcast their performances to an international audience, transcending geographical limitations.

Touching on the collaboration, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman, the CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority stated that “this partnership is expected to significantly boost the exposure of Ghana’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. By showcasing Ghanaian music, dance, and other performing arts on a global platform, the initiative will ignite worldwide interest in Ghana’s tourism and culture. This increased visibility is anticipated to spark a surge in tourism, as global audiences are drawn to explore the vibrant culture they experience through VENUE. We are hoping endorsed December in GH events will take advantage of this platform opportunity to reach a global audience and generate additional revenues”

According to Mr. Cihan Fuat Atkin, the Co-Founder & CEO of XCINEX Corporation, “this agreement promises to generate additive revenue streams for Ghanaian artists. In a world where digital access is key, providing artists with the tools to reach a wider fan base is crucial. This initiative offers a sustainable and innovative way for artists from Ghana to monetize their art and offer inclusivity to their fans worldwide, contributing to the overall growth of Ghana’s tourism and creative economy.”

The strategic collaboration between XCINEX Corporation and the Ghana Tourism Authority promises to bolster tourism, enrich the global cultural landscape, and open new revenue channels for Ghanaian artists, content creators and government, fostering a vibrant future for Ghana’s creative industry.

For further information, please contact:

Ghana Tourism Authority: info@visitghana.com

XCINEX Corporation: paul@xcinex.com

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