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The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is pleased to announce that 111 event proposals have been submitted for the upcoming December in GH 2023 campaign during the first window which was opened for three weeks and ended on June 5th 2023. The steering committee, will be reviewing the proposals and selecting those that fit with the objectives of Beyond the Return for endorsement. 

“This year we began the process of accepting event proposals early to not only give organisers more time to plan, but to also help travellers prepare their itinerary earlier when booking their trips to Ghana,” said Annabelle McKenzie, Director of the BTR Secretariat.

The chosen official events will be announced at the end of June 2023 followed by an official unveiling of the calendar of events. Seventy – five (75) representing 67% of the submissions are news events. According to the CEO of the Ghana Tourism Authority and Coordinator of the Beyond the Return Project, Akwasi Agyeman, “ the increasing number of proposals and the high percentage of new events bodes well for the December in GH campaign. We have been knocking on the doors of event organisers to create new events and bring on board fresh ideas to enhance the brand we have created. Within such a short window, we are delighted with the number of events submitted”. 

The next window will be opened in August and a final calendar out doored in September 2023. Event organisers who are interested in having their events endorsed and listed are encouraged to engage with the Beyond the Return Secretariat at the Accra Tourist Information Center, or via email support@beyondthereturngh.com.

The December in GH events calendar has since 2019 become one of the most successful tourism products in Ghana, drawing tens of thousands of tourists during the holiday season. 

Beyond the Return is a 10-year initiative with the theme, ‘A decade of African Renaissance’. The Secretariat office operates under the Ghana Tourism Authority. and has a foundation of 7 pillars; Experience Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Diaspora Pathways to Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Give Back Ghana, Brand Ghana, and Promote Pan African Heritage & Innovation.

For more information on the ‘December in GH’ campaign, please contact the office at support@beyondthereturngh.com.

Learn more on our website www.beyondthereturngh.com 

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